Custom Furnaces have built up an enviable reputation in the design, manufacture and supply of Rotary Kilns to the chemical and mining industries – ranging from Carbon Regeneration to Calcining and drying of solids.

Innovative design, the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques have resulted in Custom Rotary Kilns being exported to Australia, Europe, South America, Canada, Asia, South and North Africa.

The units are supplied complete with charge and discharge mechanisms, drive units, heating chamber and fully automated control and monitoring systems.

Each kiln is subject to stringent quality control systems at all stages of manufacture to ensure a finished product that offers optimum safety and reliability characteristics.

All high temperature units are supplied with a fail-safe independent emergency drive system to protect the retort tube in the event of a rotation failure. (Electrical or mechanical.)

A fully operational high temperature test kiln is also utilised to determine process requirements and design parameters.

Typical Designs

Directly Heated, Indirectly Heated, With Cooling Zone and Without Cooling

Typical Applications

Activation of Carbon, Calcining, Drying, Oxidising and ‘Burning off’ of Organic Impurities, Reactivation, Reduction of Metal Oxides, Regeneration of Carbon and Roasting

Standard Carbon Regeneration Kilns

Rotary Furnaces have become one of Custom Furnaces specialties. Currently we have rotary furnaces on? 6 Continents, in countries ranging from Armenia to Vietnam. With over 90+ installations to date, Custom Furnaces is a leader in its field with its Carbon Regeneration Rotary Kilns. We are able to design Rotary kilns for any size required, ranging from 25kg/h upwards.

Kilns can be designed to be heated by Electricity, Oil, Diesel or Gas. What ever your need, we can supply.

Standard sizes for carbon regeneration kilns are: 50, 100, 200, 400, 500, 750, and 900 units.


Over the years Custom Furnaces have developed expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of heat treatment equipment. Our highly skilled in house design team and the latest overseas technology of our partners produce products of the highest quality and reliability.

Each heat treatment furnace undergoes stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing quality and reliability to ensure continued productivity and reduced downtime.

A comprehensive range of furnaces is offered – from small desk-top units to complete heat treatment plants for in-house or commercial heat treatment. Many standard options are available or furnaces can be customised to suit client requirements.

Furnace Designs

Air Circulating, Box, Bogie, Belt, Conveyor, Forging, Laboratory, Muffle, Pit, Pusher, Roller Hearth, Retort, Salt Bath, Shaker Hearth, Smelters and Top Hat

Furnaces are in operation in a wide range of applications. These include: Aging, Annealing, Austempering, Blueing, Brazing, Carbon Restoration, Galvanising, Hardening, Homogenising, Malleablising, Non –ferrous Melting, Normalising, Pre-heating, Sintering, Solution Treatment, Stress relieving Tempering, Vacuum Heat Treatment, Wire Patenting.

Dual Electric Furnaces

Special Features

  • Two independently operated furnaces in one single space saving package.
  • The unit comes complete with pull out quench tank.
  • A single control panel houses all controls in a convenient location.
  • Top chamber (1200oC) for heat treatment and lower chamber (600oC) with circulating fan for tempering.
  • No waiting for heat treatment furnace to cool down for tempering.
  • Both furnaces can be operated simultaneously.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Safe and simple to operate.
  • Rapid heat up rate.

Furnace casing is 2mm thick bent steel welded at all the joints for solid stable construction.
 Attractive powder coated finish.
 High quality hearth plate is installed on the floor of all units. 
Coiled wire heating elements are installed in the grooved refractory.

Chamber Dim: 305 W x 460 D x 230 H
Outside Dim: 585 W x 800 D x 1575 H
kW Rating: 5 kW + 3.5 kW
Power Supply: 380 V 2 phase + N

Chamber Dim: 400 W x 500 D x 300 H
Outside Dim: 760 W x 875 D x 1800 H
kW Rating: 10 kW + 8 kW
Power Supply: 380 V 3 phase + N

Other sizes available on request.


These are Lab type furnaces specifically modified and designed to help knifemakers perform their own heat treatment.

The great advantage is that there is no more waiting for your blades to be sent into a huge production heat treated who care very little about the hard work and man hours that have gone into the craftsmanship of the blade. One can now also heat treat your blades as they are ready, instead of waiting for a “batch” to be sent in to save on costs.

You can now have the means to do your heat treatment in the comfort of your own home, using a standard plug socket, and using less electricity that your average geyser.


Latest design assures you are getting the most modern well-proven design features that modern technology can provide.

Special Features

  • Bench top convenience.
  • An attractive high quality unit for reliable production.
  • Precise temperature control. Max. temperature of 1200oC.
  • Produces consistent quality parts.
  • Safe and simple to operate.
  • Rapid heat up rate.
  • Easy maintenance and installation.
  • Protective gas atmosphere can be provided.


  • Furnace casing manufactured from 2 mm thick rolled steel.
  • Solid stable construction.
  • Expanded metal heat shield.
  • Attractive powder coat finish.
  • High quality, lightweight refractory materials used.
  • Ceramic muffle protects coiled heating elements.
  • Controls form an integral part of the furnace.


  • Sizes range from dia 25mm – dia 250 mm and 150mm to 1000mm long.
  • Power rating from 1300 W to 6000W.
  • Supply voltage: 220 V.
  • Vertical or Horizontal units are available.


In line with its ranking as a supplier of quality kilns and furnaces, Custom Furnaces offers a fully equipped workshop, for the servicing and refurbishing of equipment. If required, work can also be carried out on – site to ensure minimum downtime and loss of production.

The upgrading of existing equipment conforms to the latest technology and regulations and complies with or exceeds original equipment specifications.

Refurbishment of out – dated equipment with modern refractory materials and heating systems results in major cost savings for clients in terms of more efficient machinery and higher production levels. Our expertise extends to the modernising and upgrading of combustion systems, electric heating systems, temperature and process control systems, mechanical handling and furnace linings.